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Non-Discrimination/Equal Employment/Equal Education Opportunity: In compliance with regulations of the Office of Civil Rights and with Equal Opportunity practices as determined by state and federal legislation, the Amity Board of Education, as a matter of Policy, does not knowingly condone discrimination in employment assignment, program or services, on the basis of race, gender, gender identity or expression, creed, color, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected class status to perform the duties of a position.

Sexual Harassment: The Board of Education prohibits sexual harassment or intimidation of its students and employees. Any student or employee who believes he or she has been the object of discrimination/sexual harassment should contact the district's Equity/Title IX Coordinator or an administrator.

Class Cancellation Due to Weather: Whenever Amity Region #5 schools are closed due to bad weather, Adult & Continuing Education classes do not meet. Please listen to Channel 8, Channel 3, and Channel 30 for information.

Superintendent of Schools:Charles Dumais

Board of Education Members:

Mr. William Blake - Chairperson, Ms. Sue Cohen - Vice Chairperson, Mr. Thomas Hurley - Treasurer, Mr. Christopher Browe - Assistant Treasurer, Ms. Patricia Cardozo, Ms. Diane Crocco, Mr. Steven DeMaio, Ms. Rita Gedansky, Ms. Sheila McCreven, Ms. Tracey Lane Russo, Mr. James Stirling, Ms. Diane Urbano, Mr. John Belfonti.


Unless otherwise noted, materials fees for the courses are included in the registration fee. Register early or classes may be cancelled.

Materials Fees:

Some classes may require an additional fee for materials. If this is the case, please pay the instructor directly. Fee requirements are noted in the course description.



A full refund is given if the course is cancelled.Except for extenuating circumstances, due to illness, and upon review by the director, refunds will be given only up to 5 business days before class begins. 

A $25 fee will be subtracted from any refund given.


Perfect attendance and punctuality are expected. The State of CT requires these courses to be attended for 120 hours. Failure to meet this requirement may have severe consequences.


All participants are expected to respect the rights of other students to learn. Students who interrupt the leaning of others will be disciplined.

Code of Dress:

Appropriate grooming and dress are required. Shorts of an appropriate length are allowed. Students who are, in the opinion of the Administration, dressed inappropriately will be excluded from the program until appropriate dress is obtained by the student. For safety, footwear is required at all times. Repeated violations of the Code of Dress will be reason for disciplinary action.

Other Things to Consider:

All credit courses meet the minimum state requirement for the number of instructional hours offered. Students should make sure that the course(s) they take meet(s) the credit requirements of his/her own school. Any course may be canceled for insufficient enrollment or other reasons as determined by Amity Regional School District #5.

Attention Parents and Students:

After successful completion of a summer course for credit, the level placement into the next course in the sequence will be a joint decision by the Director of Guidance and the Subject Area Department Chair. This decision will be made in August in time for the schedules to be mailed home. For example, students taking Algebra 2 (for credit) over the summer should not be led to believe by anybody, including the summer school teacher, that they will automatically be enrolled in Pre-Calculus Honors in the fall just because they passed the summer school course.



Open to all adults and students in grades 2-12.


Parents must provide transportation.


No insurance is provided.


It is expected that every effort will be made to attend all classes. Punctuality is also expected. One absence is allowed in make-up classes in accordance with State Department of Education guidelines.

Make-Up Credit:

Make-up classes being offered in English, History, Math, Science, Spanish, and other courses by request. The courses at Amity meet the state guidelines for make-up credit. However, students are required to seek approval from their school prior to enrolling classes.


Except for extenuating circumstances due to illness, refunds will be given only up to 5 business days before class begins. A $25 fee will be subtracted from any refunds given.