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  • Pete Markham (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Beginner Dog Obedience

    This is a gentle-but-firm, positive reinforcement-based, beginner obedience training class. The AKC exercises - sit, stay, come, heel, figure eight, down, and stay will be used as the basis for enhancing the relationship between you and your dog. Individual problems will be addressed. One 2-hour session of "people-only" classroom discussion about how dogs think and how they learn will be held at Amity Regional High School. This will be followed by seven 1-hour sessions of group work with your dog, held at the Orange Community Center on Orange Center Road in Orange. Approved collar and lead required, as well as proof of current rabies vaccination. Class limited to ten dogs so register early! A second class may be added if there are additional dogs that would be the same dates and start right after the first session that will be from 8pm to 9pm.