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  • Alan Hudson (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Adventures in Babysitting

    Adventures in Babysitting is designed to help prepare you to babysit by learning about responsibility, leadership, making decisions, and teaching skills and techniques to be a competent babysitter. There are interactive activities, practice skills and scenarios to help build your confidence. Knowing how to respond in an emergency whether it is a small scrap, choking or a power outage is something every babysitter should know. First Aid and CPR will be covered, along with practice of skills. This course is designed for students ages 11 through high school. *Certification for CPR and First Aid is an additional fee of $35.00
  • Ryan Houston (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Adventures in Babysitting - CPR and First Aid Certification - Friends and Family

    Adventures in Babysitting This course will take you through the dynamics of babysitting. We will cover aspects of babysitting that will help you be professional, make decisions, safety, hands only CPR and first aid and more. As the one in charge you need to have different tools in your babysitting bag. This class will help you with the on the job skills you need. Certification for CPR and First Aid will follow the course from 8pm to 9pm and is through the American Heart Association. There is an additional fee of $40.00 for the certification card. This one hour class is for friends and family of registered members of the Adventures in Babysitting Course. Friends and Family - CPR/First Aid Only The CPR and First Aid certification is open to family and friends of those enrolled in the 9am-12pm course and can register for certification only, from 12pm-1pm. There is a separate section below to register. Register today!

    LEARNING FROM MY EXPERIENCE AND LEARNING ABOUT YOURSELF and how life and emotions affect our physical bodies and health. You will be asked to do some homework prior to the class : drawing pictures and answering questions and they will be discussed at the class to help you know yourself better and stay healthy.